Turbo Tycoon (update) Tag Village Opportunity

by Kaching on January 17, 2011 0 Comments

Here is a Saturday update! We don’t want the Tycooner base to think we are just lounging around at the company swimming pool and spa eating bonbons, when we are really lounging around the company lounge eating pizza and watching movies. So, here is a quick update. TurboTycoon continues to grow its member base steadily. This steady growth has allowed us to monitor and formulate our strategy for providing you with the best Rewards Based FREE program on the internet! It is our goal to provide the internet community with the ability to become a Tycooner at absolutely NO COST but with an opportunity to build an income account when advertisers market to you. At this point, you are only seeing about 3 to 5 percent of what we plan to do. Those of you who are building your network, will reap incredible rewards for many, many years to ...

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Turbo Tycoon | turbotycoon The Key to Success

by Kaching on November 23, 2010 0 Comments

The key to success is to build a downline here and this is not to hard because it doesn’t cost anyone a cent. To send text messages, of course this can’t be free. You advertise and it costs money like everywhere else but CHEAP (don’t increase the price Joe ;-) lol after reading this). You only pay 10 cents per text message. So 1000 cost $100 etc. I think that’s a very good price when you have to pay 25 cents for each text you get. However… I average $20 – $30 a day right now. Why? Because I have share this and still share it with the world and continue to do so and that’s why like 50% (guess its more beyond my 6th level) in TurboTycoon are in my team. I have heavy promoted it and continue to heavy promote it because I know it ...

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Turbo Tycoon | ZERO COST EVER to Join and Get Paid 6 Levels Deep

by Kaching on November 5, 2010 0 Comments

Hi Everyone!
Turbo Tycoon has just posted some AWESOME news! So now it is time for every one of us to get serious and start SHARING THIS PROGRAM. Let's get real here. You signed up with Turbo Tycoon for a reason. That reason is because you need a way to make some extra money. There is not going to be an easier way for you to make that happen. EVER. And this will never cost you a dime.
Seriously...how hard is it to let other people know they can start getting PAID to receive texts?? We are not the only ones who need extra money, and we can all profit so much from this just by letting others know about TurboTycoon.
For those of you who know me, I don't pull punches. I put it out there like it is, and all I gotta say is this ...

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First ever Get Paid to Receive SMS in US& CANADA - turbo tycoon

by Kaching on November 1, 2010 0 Comments
Turbo Tycoon is free to join - it will for ever stay free to earn.

This is not a start up company even its brand new. The company
behind is Mid Ten Media Inc. I know since 11 years. Google them
easy to find.

I even spoke with Joe Butler, the owner. My upline knows him
since 10 years.

But you may think "Whats the deal" how can make someone make
money without paying a cent?

Well, you get paid to get text messages in the US and Canada
market. And you get paid when someone in your network down to
6 levels advertise sending text messages to their list and you
can target it down to age, local, interest etc. for 10 cents
a piece.

10 cents is a bargain !

You get paid 20% on advertising volume on your first level.

Imagine you have 10k advertising volume on your first ...
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Hello Turbo Tycooners!!

by Kaching on October 30, 2010 0 Comments

Hello Tycooners!
Thanks for using our TurboAds program while we build our cell base! Many, many people have built themselves a network, and are making commissions as their network supports our sponsors by visiting their websites, and browsing the links. Be sure to support our sponsors if you like their products!
As you know we are still in beta, and will probably stay in beta for at least the rest of the year. We have plans to add many more features to the TurboTycoon site. Please continue to support our project by verifying your cell phone, and by visiting our sponsors websites using the TurboAds program.
We have sent out a few cell messages over the last few weeks, so if you have not verified your cell number please do so. Our challenge is to build enough verified cell numbers to entice local and national advertisers to use our system ...

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How to make money with Turbo Tycoon?

by Kaching on October 27, 2010 0 Comments


A member posted a public statement. I am not sure if he was complaining, or if he was just stating something, but I want to address it. If you plan on signing up with Turbo to get great offers… then you are going to love us. If you sign up for turbo to build a network… then you are going to love us! BUT, if you sign up thinking that you are going to get rich getting text messages and turbo ads all by your lonesome… you are going to be sorely disappointed. Don’t even sign up if that is your mind set. Here is the members post and my response:

Member Post: “Something that may be of general interest....After putting the calculator to the pay rate for the Turbo Ads, I found that the average pay rate is approximately .000175 cents per ad ...

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